Plaid Anxiety LiveWho is Plaid Anxiety? "Who aren't they?" the better question to ask. A Baltimore based trio that has everything you need to keep the crowd entertained. Covering a wide variety of popular tunes from the 80's, 90's, and the 2000's, as well as some unique original songs, Plaid Anxiety has something to offer to everyone's ears. On top of that, they have a very entertaining live show that will keep you on your toes all night. Laugh, Dance, Sing, and Have Fun!!! That's what Plaid Anxiety is all about, and you'll know why when you see and hear what playing music means to them.

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THE SPECTRUM (2012) Now Available!  

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"What a breath of fresh air this band brings back into the scene with their new material... not all songs sound the same but they are so catchy you can't get them out of your head even when you hear them for the first time. Plaid puts on a great show and they get the crowd up on their feet. You'll be sure to crack several good laughs with watching their various costume changes, tasteful lyrics, stage antics. No one quite does it like Plaid Anxiety anymore." - M. Knauer


"The sound is solid and like no other." - J. Delaware


"if you don't like a song, chances are you will like the next one!!!" - T. Carroll



AUTOPILOT (2011) Still Available!

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"It's a really nice ride" - B. Pacacki


"I can't stop listening to it!" - M. Knauer


"One of the best Plaid releases to date!" - T. Carroll

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