Band Bio

Who is Plaid Anxiety?

  "Who aren't they?" is the better question to ask. Three musicians with completely different tastes in music. Three styles of songwriting. Three different people that work together as "One" to create a sound that is defined as "Plaid". Using their diverse playing and writing styles to cross different patterns of music with one another, and incorporating lyrics related to all aspects of life and emotion, Plaid Anxiety has something for everyone. 

Formed in early 1994 by singer/keyboardist Ted Carroll and guitarist Adam Kussrow, the duet rehearsed and recorded under the temporary title "Anxiety" until the word "Plaid" was added later that year to help specifically define the style(s) that they were pursuing. Hundreds of hours of writing, recording and practicing led them to perfect their art and skills, including expansion of their sound. 
In early 2000, guitarist Chuck Lamar was brought in to the group as a live performer and has welcomely stayed due to his unique addition of sound to the group. The third person truely added a new vibe to Plaid that was new and good and brought more flexibility to Adam and Ted...mostly seen in their live performances. Dueling guitar solos, costume changes and overall, a much fuller sound in the balance of things. 
The songwriting, the recording, the rehearsals and the live performances continue to tighten the style as time moves on. Plaid Anxiety has the music in their veins and it needs to be extracted, so as long as people are eager to listen, Plaid Anxiety will keep making the music happen. Even if they stop listening, it will keep flowing. The Sound of Plaid Is Coming...
Vocals, Keyboard, Bass - Ted has been writing, composing and recording his own music as a soloist since 1986 and has been the frontman/keyboardist for Plaid Anxiety since their origin in 1994. His lyrics usually revolve around different aspects of his own psyche or life events in general and the backing instrumentation tends to shadow what the lyrics are portraying. His main instrument of choice is the keyboard, but has recently begun incorporating the bass guitar into the band's lineup. Ted credits his inspirations to artists like Erasure, Nine Inch Nails, The Doors and Eels, among many others.
Rhythm & Lead Guitar - Adam began his interest in music playing the drums, but shortly thereafter moved on to the bass guitar. Once he learned how to manipulate the bass guitar to his liking, he moved on to the guitar and has been hard at work with it ever since. Adam has been the guitarist for Plaid Anxiety since their origin in 1994 as well. His rhythm guitar riffs add a very edgy quality to the manufactured sound Ted produces. Best noted as a bluesy / grungey sound, it not only gives Plaid Anxiety an overall depth, but puts an original stamp on their total sound. Once Chuck joined the band, Adam was able to focus more on lead parts to expand his talent. Adam credits his inspirations to artists like B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix and Beck....among countless others.
Lead & Rhythm Guitar - Chuck has always been "the Rockstar" of Plaid Anxiety...probably due to his "slightly" younger age, which has brought a fresh new sound to Plaid Anxiety since early 2000. Chuck started playing guitar at a young age and practiced until he couldn't get any faster, particularly honing his art for lead solo parts. His primary reason for playing with Plaid Anxiety was to give them a fuller sound for live shows, but was later added as a permanant member, which proved to be a worthy decision. His heavier, more distorted sound complimented both Ted's and Adam's library of songs and continues to do so with new material they collaborate on. Chuck credits his inspirations to artists like Van Halen, Limp Bizkit and a ton of others.